BIO Micro-electric therapy handle:

BIO face lifting, Increase cell permeability, help body better absorption of nutrients and water, oxygenated blood. enhance collagen synthesis level, reduce wrinkles, So that the skin is more soft, flexible and shiny.


RF Radio Frequency handle:

Open the pores, positioning tissue heating, open the pores to promote subcutaneous collagen contraction and taut, relieve wrinkles, produce new collagen, the skin  will be more compact later.


Ultrasound handle:

The Ultrasound import products deep Into subcutaneous tissues. promote microcirculation and skin renewal. Products can be penetrate deep into the skin, speed up absorption.

Ice repair handle:

Ice repair handle can froze skin, shrink pores, the ice energy can penetrate from epidermis to deep skin, instantly promote strong contraction of skin pores, thus a layer of natural freezing mask is formed in the skin surface to lock nutrition facts.


Oxygen spray handle:

Oxygen injection, Cleaning the skin, Moisturizing.




  1. acne, seborrheic alopecia, folliculitis, mites clear, clear skin allergens;
  2. skin whitening, improve skin dull, yellowish, improve skin texture;
  3. Deep clean the skin, while giving the skin moisturizing, nourishing;
  4. julep, improve loose skin, tighten pores, increase skin transparency;
  5. The preoperative and postoperative care for ablative skin reconstruction and non-ablative skin reconstruction surgery;
  6. shaping firming skin, shrink pores, improve double chin.


Comes with seven-color light wave therapy Mask:
Whitening diluting stains; anti-acne & anti-inflammatory; Keep water and oil balance;
Skin whitening; Replenish energy; Improve fine lines; Firming skin.



1x Beauty Machine

1x Seven-color light Mask

1x Oxygen spray handle

1x Ice repair handle

1x Ultrasound handle

1x RF Radio Frequency handle

1x Bubble cleaner handle

1x BIO Micro-electric therapy handle

8x Bubble cleaning heads

Hydra Dermabrasion Machine

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